Mobile Medicine for Nashville

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

  • Comprehensive Lab Testing

  • Mobile Urgent Care

  • IV Infusions

  • NAD+ and Peptide Therapies

  • Alternative Practices and More

We bring healthcare to your door

At GetWell Health, we believe in bringing medicine back into homes by offering affordable concierge medicine and IV therapies. We treat both adults and children.

Although we don’t accept insurance, we do ensure that you’ll receive the ultimate healthcare experience from the comfort and convenience of home.

No membership required. While other mobile health services require annual fees to participate, you can arrange at-home care when you need it without prior arrangements.


Why Mobile Medicine Is Becoming So Popular

Throughout the country, a growing number of patients are choosing to seek medical services at home. Convenience is understandably the top draw. With the demands of modern life, finding time to visit a doctor or clinic during the standard 9 to 5 hours can be difficult. Because the professionals at GetWell Health come to the patients during their specified availability, there is no longer an excuse to postpone medical appointments.

Mobile care is also a sensible option for patients who have illnesses or disabilities that make traveling challenging. Rather than dealing with the hassle of arranging transportation and going to a faraway medical center, patients can benefit from having a friendly, knowledgeable professional come directly to their door. The same goes for our patients who want an IV or vitamin boost to increase their vitality — after being reenergized at home, then they feel ready to leave their homes and face the day.

After a patient has experienced this way of receiving health care, it’s hard to go back to the old model. One-time patients become repeat patients, and they tell their friends and family members about this amazing service. To feel healthy, strong, energized and mentally sharp, personalized care from registered nurses, physician assistants, paramedics, etc. cannot be beat.

Client Testimonials

Client health and wellness is our ultimate goal. Here a few clients have shared kind words to express their satisfaction with our service.

“I can’t thank you enough GetWellHealth. You’ve really made a difference in how I feel. Before IV therapy, I felt tired and mentally drained but now I am so much more alert and energetic!
Everyone was professional and friendly and I would definitely recommend them.”

Hope Parker

“This team is fantastic. Very responsive throughout our appointment and could tell they actually cared and enjoyed what they were doing. Something I don’t typically feel in the healthcare space… Highly recommend these guys.

Sam Kodatsky

“Get Well Health is an amazing company. They have changed my life with the treatments I receive from them. They come to your house which is so convenient. Everyone that works for them is extremely nice and it’s an honest company so you feel good about what you are receiving. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better and stay on top of their health.”

McClain Lamb

Nashville Patient Community

We love our community and are committed to ensuring all have access to convenient healthcare services.


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