For over a century, IV drips have been used to keep hospital patients hydrated during illnesses and surgeries. More recently, health professionals have also seen a multitude of benefits in administering IV therapy to patients who do not feel their best (but not in a life-threatening way) such as those with moderate dehydration, a viral infection, or a hangover. That is why the medical professionals at GetWell Health offer mobile IV therapy services to our patients who are looking to re-energize their bodies and boost their immune systems.

Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV therapy is appropriate for any patient who could use extra hydration and nourishment to recover from illness or feel normal again. While it is true that vitamins can be obtained from healthy foods, some patients do not have the energy or time to plan meals with all the vitamins their bodies are lacking. When vitamins are taken orally, the nutrients pass through the digestive system. Vitamin IV therapy injects the vitamins directly into the bloodstream so that it can be absorbed more quickly and effectively.

In addition to vitamins, our IVs contain blends of minerals and antioxidants to maximize the health benefits. We have many different types of IV cocktails to best address the immediate needs of the patient. Customized combinations of vitamins can help detoxify your body, improve your mood, increase symptom resolution from illness, and beat a hangover.

NAD+ IV Therapy

Another popular IV therapy offered by GetWell Health is NAD+ IV therapy. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme with anti-aging powers found in every cell of a person’s body. Unfortunately, the body gradually produces less and less NAD, which leaves a person more susceptible to the effects of aging. NAD+ IV therapy safely administers additional NAD into the body so patients feel younger, healthier and more vibrant.

NAD+ IV therapy has been found to:

  • Improve brain functionality and slow cognitive decline
  • Increase metabolism rate for easier weight loss
  • Fight fatigue by creating more energy
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression

IV Vitamin Infusion NashvillePatients do not need to wait until they feel the effects of aging to begin this treatment. Proactive treatment may help to delay the effects of aging and age-related health issues. NAD+ IV therapy is often recommended to patients with cognitive decline, diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue and other conditions to improve their physical and mental health. In recent years, NAD+ IV therapy has become a popular treatment for patients battling with addiction since it can help to reduce substance cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms experienced during recovery.

Order IV Therapy Directly to Your Home

The convenience of GetWell Health cannot be beat. Our medical professionals come directly to your door, with IV treatments that can be completed in under one hour. In many cases, you may not anticipate that you could use a boost from vitamin IV therapy until you are feeling unwell, so the ability to schedule appointments with little to no wait can help get you back on your feet in no time. For more information about our vitamin and NAD+ IV options please contact our experts today.